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It’s A Social Media Party!

It’s a Social Media Party!

As more and more social media platforms make their debut, how on earth are you supposed to figure out which platform is the best fit to promote your program? What’s best for your brand? Which platforms attract which groups of fans? Which social media platforms will just eat up your time?

Let’s make this fun and think about social media like a party. Each platform can be thought of as a different guest. Who do you want to invite? Here’s a breakdown of each social media platform’s personality type to help you decide who will keep your shindig super-awesome.

Facebook – “The Conversationalist”

Frannie Facebook likes to let everyone know she is a one-stop shop of knowledge on your team. We’re not talking simple fun facts, we mean LONG and IN-DEPTH responses. Some might even say she’s long-winded.

Having a lot to say isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Most social media users go to Facebook for information, and that includes long status posts or blogs being shared. If you have important information that needs a little bit of explaining, use Facebook to get that message out. But be careful not to over-post or overshare. Millennials and Gen Z love reading up on certain topics but can be turned off it gets too long-winded.


Twitter- “Mr. Know It All”

Teddy Twitter loves to shoot off quick little bursts of information. He can jump quickly from conversation to conversation, only staying in each one for a couple of minutes.

Think of Twitter as a way to get quick little messages out to the masses. Have a blog post that you want your followers to read? Link to it while giving a brief synopsis of what it’s about. Have a last minute change to an event? Tweet it out. This platform is based on short posts, and if a user is on Twitter, they expect short messages.

Instagram- “The Model”

Isabella Instagram loves for people to look at her, and she always looks her best. She chooses her appearances selectively, but that makes her all the more memorable.

This is the same philosophy you should have for your Instagram account. Don’t overpopulate your followers’ feed with a gazillion photos from the same event, especially all at the same time. Use this platform to show off one or two AMAZING pictures that sum things up. Instagram is using the same algorithm as Facebook now, so if you want to reach your followers and grab their attention, you need to post an image that really showcases your brand.

Snapchat – “The Scatter Brain”

Stacey Snapchat loves to be the star of the party and often shows up early to help set up. She’s not afraid to be candid. She likes to be in every photo, but she is only there for a short time.

Use this to your advantage with Snapchat. This is your chance to grab the viewer’s attention by giving a behind the scenes stadium or arena tour. Most users of Snapchat don’t mind being flooded with photos of an event because they can easily click and move on to the next photo. This is a newer platform for brands to use, so it can get a little tricky. Don’t be afraid to experiment with new ideas. They are only there for a couple of seconds.


YouTube- “The Social Magnet”

York YouTube is that one friend you want at every party. Everyone loves him because he knows all the cool how-to’s and can even show you things you never asked for!

YouTube has actually become the search engine of choice for most Millennials and Gen Z! For that reason and more, this is a platform you cannot leave out of your brand’s social media plan. The opportunities are endless for your YouTube page. Not sure what to share? Think of things that need a little more explanation, have a story to tell, or that just have fun visuals. Want to show off your new coach? Create a set of videos that intro him/her to your fans and give the inside scoop. Want to ensure your fans have a great gameday experience? Why not create a video featuring some tips on where to hang out pre-game, give parking and construction updates, highlight new concessions and merchandise available, and more.

Everyone is different and it can be hard to figure out what’s right for you. One final tip: millennials who are in the workforce can be a great resource for you. They’ve spent most of their life on social media, and they can be tasked with brainstorming your social media strategy.

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