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Elevating The Fan Experience With The Florida Gators

Elevating the Fan Experience with the Florida Gators

The Florida sports landscape is one that is truly unique. It is the third largest state for intercollegiate and professional sports in the nation. A sports fan’s paradise set in a paradise climate. In other words, the ultimate challenge for a sports marketer trying to drive fan attendance.

When the average yearly temperature is 70 degrees it’s going to take a lot more than winning games to get the casual fan to regularly attend a sporting event.

The University of Florida has a reputation for cultivating championship teams, as well as championship experiences for their fans. Gators Athletics is one of only a handful of universities that have elevated their fan experience with the newest video technology.

Fans got their first taste of 3D projection mapping in February 2017 for the Florida-Kentucky Men’s Basketball matchup at Exactech Arena at the Stephen C. O’Connell Center. The buzz was immediate.

As Florida prepared to begin the 2017-18 sports season with permanent arena 3D technology from Quince Imaging in place, they already had a very clear vision in mind. To accomplish their goals, Florida Athletics engaged Old Hat to create one-of-a-kind stunning videos for four sports: Volleyball, Women’s Basketball, Men’s Basketball, and Gymnastics. The results thus far have engaged and impressed fans, recruits and competitors alike.

The variety and professional quality of 3D videos make for an unforgettable fan experience at all O’Dome events. It turns the ordinary pregame introductions into a production traditionally saved for an Olympic Opening Ceremony or Super Bowl Halftime Show. Most importantly, Old Hat is able to produce a fully customized solution that meets the University’s requirements for both cutting-edge creative technology and budget.

Old Hat and Florida Athletics fan entertainment relationship and creative collaboration go back several years, partnering on 3D animated video board games, in addition to historical videos for the storied Gators Baseball program.

Old Hat has collaborated with more than 150 sports organizations comprising of professional and collegiate sports leagues and associations. Old Hat is a pioneer in 3D projection mapping. First in the industry to produce 3D video projection at the collegiate level. Old Hat aims to improve the game experience and help give fans a game day they’ll never forget.

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