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Posters: Marketing Tool Or Vanity Contest

Posters: Marketing Tool or Vanity Contest

At Old Hat, we love schedule posters. LOVE. THEM. In fact, we’ve designed more than 5,000 of them for hundreds of sports programs over the past 15 years. But in a time where posters are getting more and more extravagant and fans are less and less likely to attend our events, we have to ask the question: Are schedule posters a marketing tool or are organizations just trying to win a spot high on the “Top 50 Schedule Posters” list?

The purpose of marketing is to engage fans with the goal of driving attendance and increasing revenue. One of the primary and most expensive tools the industry has relied on for that over the years is the trusty, ol’ schedule poster. But are they effective?

Poster Swag publishes an annual list of the Top 50 FBS schedule posters in the country. Out of 129 FBS programs, these are the most well-designed posters as decided by this group. How many of these saw an increase in attendance from 2016 to 2017? Nine. Of the Top 25 most amazing schedule posters in all of college football, 9 of them saw increases in attendance from the previous season.

We realize that posters alone can’t drive attendance. They’re a part of a much larger strategy, right? The problem is, many times they aren’t. They aren’t part of a strategy at all.

If your posters are intended to simply be a giveaway item to reward the die-hard fans that are already coming to your events, that’s fine. That’s a great way to use them! If they’re to help in recruiting efforts, okay! But if you’d actually like for your posters to serve as a marketing tool to help drive attendance, we have to be more strategic with them. You’d never see a car company produce an ad that just makes their automobile look amazing. They tell the consumer why they should purchase it. They target specific demographics. They identify what is going to be most appealing to the most likely target audience and they focus their marketing there.

Why aren’t we doing that with our most visible marketing tool?

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution to sports marketing. Old Hat’s Sports180º process can help you identify your unique position and concentrate your marketing efforts on the right people at the right time in the right way. For more information on how we can help you drive attendance, contact us at or (405) 310-2133.

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