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Winning Is Not A Strategy – A Game-Changing Approach To Driving Attendance

Winning is Not a Strategy – A Game-Changing Approach to Driving Attendance

Attendance at sporting events is dropping. Following four consecutive seasons of declining attendance in college football, 2017 brought the lowest average attendance in 34 years. The problem isn’t isolated to college football though. Fewer fans are showing up to sporting events across all leagues at all levels.

While there are plenty of theories as to why this is happening, few have offered a solution to the problem. Unfortunately, despite evidence to the contrary, we continue to hear the claim that if teams will just win more, fans will show up. But as the data shows, winning teams aren’t immune to the problem of declining attendance.

Winning is Not a Strategy uses data to refute the claim that simply winning more games is the answer to athletics’ attendance issues. Further, this book looks at the science behind why sports marketing’s efforts are failing and provides insight into how the industry can adapt its approach to driving attendance.

Beyond just a theoretical look at sports marketing, Winning is Not a Strategy also provides tangible steps the reader can take immediately to drive attendance to their sporting events.

Winning is Not a Strategy was written by Zac Logsdon, CEO/Founder of Old Hat, a strategic marketing firm specializing in the athletics industry. Zac and his team have worked with more than 150 sports organizations since 2004 to help them drive attendance, improve fundraising efforts and amplify their gameday experiences for fans. Zac draws upon this experience and years of research on fan behavior to provide a game-changing approach to driving attendance.

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