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This List Of Schools Struggling With Football Attendance Is Long. Are You On It?

This List of Schools Struggling with Football Attendance is Long. Are You On It?

Over the course of the fall, there have been articles written (almost weekly) on how college football attendance is dropping across the country. Whether it’s disinterest and disengagement or affordability and experience, fans aren’t showing up as frequently as they used to.

Old Hat understands the challenge that these departments are facing. We’ve worked with Colorado State, SMU, Virginia Tech, NC State and a multitude of others to develop effective strategies to offset this growing predicament.

Below is an aggregated list of articles we found that highlights the growing problem. We welcome the opportunity to help any school work to increase attendance and grow its donor base, so five or 10 years from now, we aren’t wishing we had done more now.

2018 College Football Attendance Articles

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