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Winning Is Not A Strategy – NACMA Session

Winning is Not a Strategy – NACMA Session

We hope you will join us for our #NACMA19 programming track, “Winning is Not a Strategy.” The session is based on Old Hat CEO’s book of the same name which argues that collegiate athletics has relied too heavily on team performance to drive attendance when, according to data and hundreds of use cases, there are a plethora of ways to attract fans regardless of the quality of play.

So if winning is not a strategy for driving attendance, what are some strategies we, as athletics marketers, can implement that will have a positive impact on revenue and attendance? That’s what this session is all about. Chris Ferris of Colorado State, Colin Hargis of NC State and Brad Wurthman of Virginia Tech join Zac to talk through some of the brand development, strategic marketing and data analytics projects they’ve completed on their campuses and the results they saw.

We all need to be seeking new and innovative strategies for driving attendance. This session will provide a tangible roadmap outlining some immediate action you can take to move the revenue and attendance needle on your campus.

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