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Our nation in recent weeks has been confronted with the deeply rooted realities of systemic injustice and structural inequality. The fundamental ideals of our nation—life, liberty, justice, equality and the pursuit of happiness have been challenged by the realities for African Americans across our country. This has particularly come to fruition within college athletics and voices being heard by African American student-athletes nationally.

Special thanks to Zac Logsdon and Old Hat Creative for being at the vanguard of developing the Black Lives Matter Sports Poster Project. In recent days, there has been a number of statements issued by college athletic leaders in support of Black Lives Matter. What better way to advance this message than having displays on college campuses, local restaurants, athletics events, and even in your own homes. Having this showcased and branded with your own athletics department logo, fonts, and student-athletes will pronounce your commitment to change, unity, and solidarity.

Simply put, this effort allows you to declare the change that you would like to see for Black lives in our nation. Zac Logsdon and Old Hat Creative have created a space for leaders within college athletics to authenticate this significant and timely message. Let’s all do our part in being advocates of elevation and societal catalysts for this momentous project.

Yours in solidarity and change,

Martin signature.png


Director of Athletics

Kansas City Athletics


In an effort to promote change and solidarity in support of the #BlackLivesMatter movement, Old Hat has created the #BlackLivesMatter Sports Poster Project. The sports poster is an iconic representation of athletic organizations nationwide, as we see them hanging in the bars and restaurants surrounding college campuses and in the bedrooms of our most passionate fans.

This fall, we hope you will help us continue the #BlackLivesMatter movement by joining this initiative to develop #BlackLivesMatter themed posters that will be consistent across the country with one message and one theme, but will be branded to your athletic organization with your logo, fonts (if applicable) and featuring your athletes.

Best of all, to show our support of the cause, we are offering this at NO COST. 


Due to the overwhelming number of requests we have received, we are asking that all requests to participate in this project be submitted (form below) by July 1, 2020 and that all assets be uploaded to us by July 15, 2020

How amazing will it be to go from town-to-town, campus-to-campus, and see universities and athletic programs supporting and celebrating their athletes through a unified look? We are excited to be a part of this project and would like to thank the following people for their guidance and support.


Dr. Brandon Martin - Director of Athletics, Kansas City

Jamaal Walton - Associate Athletic Director, College of Charleston

Markeisha Everett - Assistant Athletic Director of Marketing, University of Pittsburgh



Simply fill out the form below indicating that you would like to participate. You will receive an email back with a list of required assets for you to supply to us and instructions on how to supply them. Please review the list below to ensure that you have what we will need prior to filling out the form indicating a desire to participate.

What you will need to send to us:

1. Up to 8 high-resolution images (300dpi) of your student-athletes

2. Any custom fonts unique to your brand identity that you'd like used on your poster

3. A white version of your logo in .EPS format

4. Social media information you'd like featured on your poster


1. Offer is limited to collegiate and professional athletics organizations only. Unfortunately, we cannot meet the demand of opening this to high schools and other sports teams. 

2. Poster will be supplied in a standard 18 x 24" size as a PDF for printing and as a .PNG file for digital use.

3. Photos will be limited to 8 athletes. Additional photos will incur fees.

4. Please ONLY send one photo of each athlete you want to appear on the poster. We will not choose photos.

5. If the logo provided is not an approved version of the logo in white, a conversion fee will apply.

6. Requests to change out photos after the first draft is supplied will result in additional fees.

7. Changes to information supplied (changing out photos, errors in supplied information) will incur additional fees.

8. We will not begin the production of your poster until 100% of assets are received.

9. Offer is limited to one poster per athletic organization. Additional posters are available in this template for $250/each.

10. Offer for the free design expires July 1, 2020. In order to receive your poster at no cost, all assets must be received by close of business on July 1. Requests submitted after July 1, 2020 will be charged $250.

Please note: It is our desire to provide this poster to you at no cost. Please help us in that effort by supplying all the information and assets to us in the requested form and format.


First Draft: Once assets are received, we will begin the development of your poster. Please allow 10 working days for the first draft to arrive in your inbox. 

Revisions: We will provide one round of revisions at no charge, provided those revisions are limited to any mistakes made on our end, small rearrangements of logos/athletes, etc. Any revisions requested that are not within those parameters will incur additional fees.

Final Draft: Once completed, you will receive a high-resolution PDF to have printed at your preferred vendor. If you would like for us to arrange for printing and delivery, we can do so for an additional fee.


Old Hat retains the right to feature any of the work it produces on its website and/or on social media. We do not claim any rights to the use of your photos, identity or branding beyond the scope of the work agreed to for this project. Filling out the form below is acknowledgement of these terms and conditions and serves as an agreement to adherence to the restrictions listed above. If fees are incurred for the production of this, or any project with Old Hat, invoices must be paid within 30 days of receipt.


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