A Site to Remember

With Russell Westbrook sidelined with a knee injury, Old Hat Web decided to step up its game for the playoff season with the launch of two new sites.  No this post really has nothing to do with Russell or the Thunder, besides me just being a big fan.  The first site is obviously the one you are currently on, the Old Hat Creative website.

Much custom programming went into this site to get our CMS (Content Management System) to filter our work in a new way.  I feel that with this new redesign of our site, the Old Hat website has grown up. I was going to write a lot more about this site, until we launched a new flagship last night.

Enter the Kyle Field site.  Texas A&M's football field is getting a make over and the 12th Man Foundation came to us to deliver an awesome website.  Not to brag too much, but I feel we knocked this one out of the park.  Design-wise I feel that these last two sites are some of the best designed sites we have made thus far.  Programming-wise… well just check out "The Vision" page on the site from a desktop browser and see for yourself.

Lots of prep went into the Kyle Field launch, from file compressions to server configurations specifically for high traffic sites.  As the time got closer to the launch anticipation was building.  Reports from the client that people were already hitting the site that wasn't even announced yet…  Of course all they got was a nice password protection box, but you could feel the excitement in the air.  Then to see ESPN talking about the renovations just got us that much more amped up.  We got the call and turned the site live.  Nothing really prepared us for what happened next.

The second the site went live, 100's people were already on it.  Within the first few minutes google analytics just skyrocketed.  Here are some compiled screen shots of active users on the site.  

The site was spreading around the world.

We were kind of sad to see it flat-line at around 2200 active users per minute.  Don't get me wrong, that number is awesome, just watching it climb in real time was exciting and to see that our CMS was holding up to the task.   A bit later we got word from the hosting team about the real number of hits they were receiving.  This number just is unreal.  From the period of 5pm-6pm the average number of requests per second to the server was… (drum row please)




In all my years of website building, I have never had a site with so many hits.  It is still hard to get my head around that number.

I am extremely proud of the success of the site and our web team here at Old Hat.  It makes the many long hours on the nights and weekends leading up to this event that much more rewarding.

Then to add to this, I came in this morning to find there are still over 500 active users on the site.  And just a few minutes ago it spiked all the way back up to 2300 active visitors after someone tweeted about it.

This just goes to show you how promoting an event can really add to your site's success.  It will definitely go in to our record book as a Site to Remember.  

Now we are a day later(5/3/2013) in the process and wanted to let you know where the site sits.  

111,148 unique visitors!!

80,000 views to the video on the home page!

198,913 pageviews in about two days of having a live site!