Staying positive.

Back in the days when I worked on campus, I dreaded the month of November. It's the month when fall and winter sports collide in a cluster of head spinning craziness. I might as well have wedged an air mattress into the office, I spent so much time there. So, if you're feeling this way currently, I sympathize. February was always tough too for similar reasons. 

So, during this trying month, remember to take a breath and do your best to stay positive. Keep in the right frame of mind and remember why you're doing what you're doing. When I'm feeling bogged down, I like to look at stories that inspire me. And luckily, the world of sports has no lack of them.

I love sports and got into working in this business for a variety of reasons, including the excitement and what you learn from being a part of it. Sports teach life lessons...learning to be part of a team and treating others with respect. Learning persistence and the value of hard work. Being a gracious winner and maintaining your dignity through a loss. Feeling like you're part of something bigger than yourself. Maybe you got into this business for similar reasons. 

So today and every day, if you're having troubles, I encourage you to embrace the positive, look towards the bigger picture and spread goodness all around.

And if you need it, here are a few of my favorite inspirational moments in sports. Let's be positive today!