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[ Sports Branding is a lot like Cattle Branding... Except not at all ]

What IS branding, anyway? Is it your logo? Is it your colors? Is it your tagline, the style of your graphics, the way you talk about yourselves in advertising, marketing and to the media? Yes. It's all of those things and more. Your brand is the feelings and emotions evoked when people hear your name. Some of that is beyond your control but most of it can be carefully crafted to help achieve your goals. We can help with that.

Old Hat's Branding Process

You wouldn’t send your team out on to the field without a game plan. Why treat your marketing efforts any differently?

After working with more than 200 sports organizations, we’ve seen what works and what doesn’t. We know that despite some common challenges, there’s no one size fits all solution to driving attendance, fundraising, or improving a program’s image.

It’s time to start approaching your marketing efforts the same way you approach each game and each season: with a solid understanding of how to win and a playbook that will help you get points on the board.

Old Hat's 180° Process takes a proven, research-based approach to get to the heart of your unique position. We’ll help you understand your program’s strengths and opportunities, your fans’ behavior and decision-making process, and the plays that are most likely to work for you internal development, marketing and creative staff. At the end, you’ll have a refreshed brand identity and a strategic marketing plan that will help you meet your goals.




You can’t judge your opponents based only on what you think you know about them. Instead, you watch tape and scout them as much as possible to make informed decisions about your own strategy.

Here’s how Old Hat can help you do the same for your marketing.

  • Alumni surveys

  • Season ticket holder or former season ticket holder surveys

  • Community surveys

  • In-depth interviews of alumni or season ticket holders

  • Alumni/community focus groups

  • Gameday experience audits

  • Customer service audits

  • Data analytics

  • Census Data research

Athletic Rebrands

Market Research

Fan Research

Ticket Data Analysis

Identity Development

Brand Strategy

Digital Strategy

Content Strategy

Census Data Research

Fan Surveys

Gameday Audits



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