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College of Charleston

College of Charleston – College of Charleston Tracks Performance with Evolved “Power Board”


Most weight rooms have “leaderboards” filled with names of athletes that lift the most, jump the highest, or run the fastest. While renovating their weight room, College of Charleston wanted a more modern approach to this long-standing tradition.

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The sports performance staff of CofC knew they wanted a typical “leaderboard”. What they didn’t want was the usual sports (men’s basketball in CofC’s case) taking up all of the board – they wanted a fair representation from each sport. They created the idea of a “Power Board” that used a specific formula to “weigh” each athlete’s marks on a level playing field.

Our Role

The staff originally suggested using a PowerPoint document to rotate through the best performances. This PPT would be updated and then shared to a screen. Rather than take this “old school” approach, Old Hat staff suggested using Google Data Studio (free to use) to allow for an easier, more customizable solution for displaying the information to their weight room monitors.


Old Hat developed a series of Google Sheets that allowed scores to be input by the staff. The scores were based on a formula that the sports performance staff devised, taking into consideration various factors of the student-athlete, including gender, weight, age, and of course their results (times, marks, etc.). Old Hat then used Google Data Studio to calculate the scores, and post them to monitors inside the weight room. These monitors were no different than a television that they would use elsewhere within their facility.


Data is power, and by harnessing this power, CofC has created a unique way to measure the success their teams have in the weight room. The staff can review a specific team’s improvement or a specific athlete, either with a data table or any number of graphs. This representation of the data, again managed through Google Data Studios, provides the coaches, teams, and athletes a different way to experience their performances and success.

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