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Old Hat

Old Hat – For the Fans – Animations and Games


Old Hat supplies video animated crowd prompts for sports teams to entertain fans or incorporate sponsors into half-inning, in-game, and timeout entertainment.

Graphic DesignVideos & Animation


The average sporting event is typically between 40-60 minutes…competitively-speaking that is. If you take into account pre-game, timeouts and halftime you’re looking at around 3-6 hours. That’s a serious time commitment for fans and they have high expectations to be entertained the entire time. 

Each game requires a significant amount of original video board content from replay wipes to sponsorship animations, from starting line-up features to intro videos, from dance cams to noise meters. The list goes on and on. And did we mention this is needed for multiple teams and boards each year? It can be an overwhelming task for any in-house production team no matter the skill level.

Enter Old Hat. We can quickly turn around these high-end graphics. By using Old Hat, a team can develop a cohesive branding look that they can use multiple years. 

Our Role

Creating these animations aren’t any different than creating a schedule card or a poster. We gather any assets that might be needed and design the prompts with a theme in mind. Some organizations come to us with ideas, while others welcome our ideas and run with it.


It typically takes up to two weeks to produce these items, but we’ve done so many they’ve become old hat to us (ha!). Sometimes these videos can be used for multiple sports and multiple venues. For instance a “Get Loud” graphic can be used for any sport and any venue.


Our team has been designing these for over a decade now and have worked with a variety of clients, including the Seattle Sounders, the San Jose Earthquakes, and the Oklahoma City Thunder.

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