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University of Utah
Utah Athletics' in-house designer is actually a member of the Old Hat staff. Hired, trained and managed by OH, we handle project management and workflow and allow the designer to do what he was hired to do: design.

University of Utah – Onsite Design Services


After years of working with Old Hat, Utah considered bringing on staff their own designer. This sparked internal discussion from Old Hat about hiring that person for Utah, and being responsible for their salary and benefits. If this person needed to be replaced, it would be the responsibility of Old Hat to do so, not the University. Same situation if the person quit – we’d replace and train. Even more importantly, we can handle any issues with project management, coordinating their daily work flow to ensure that projects were completed on time and exceeded the design expectations of the athletic department.

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The challenges were limited in nature. They had to find the budget to pay Old Hat, but realized that they would be able to move quickly, having to not wrestle with the idea of offering a salary, insurance, health benefits, keeping the job posted for four weeks, and other state-mandated requirements. Old Hat provided them a way to circumvent the process and easily find a need.

Our Role

It was simple – we drafted a job description, posted the job, and gave them test projects to work on. Old Hat suggested two candidates to the Utah athletics marketing staff, and allowed Utah to select the individual to be hired.


They get every benefit of having the designer in house without any of the headaches. We handle overflow. We prioritize jobs after they are submitted. When a designer is located in an office on campus, they take “orders” and don’t concentrate on the creative aspect of the job. Furthermore, designers are notoriously poor project managers and often struggle to meet deadlines.


The individual hired in 2013 remains the person with this job in 2018. Utah has been very happy with the production rate and have realized no drop off-off in design efficiency.

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