Old Hat’s expertise in sports branding and graphic design has evolved into developing a unique way to project 3D video animations to be displayed on courts, on ice or even on gymnastics floors for teams.


No idea is too crazy for Old Hat and these projects have allowed our team a new arena to play in (pun intended). Typically, the school or team brings the idea to us, and we run with it. Because this is a newer “expression”, Old Hat can push the limits a little further than normal.  However, the court design (paint, graphics, etc.) might throw a wrench into our plans. Turnaround time and file size can also be a major hurdle as these huge files often take a while to finalize. Another challenge is the equipment: the more reliable projectors are those that are owned by the team. Those projectors that are rented for one-off events sometimes struggle with imaging.


It’s very simple – we gather the digital assets and recommendations, including music, designs, photos, and videos, and get to work. Typically, it’s a straightforward process where we create one segment of the video at a time, receive feedback, make changes and get approval. Some partners like to focus on their current teams like the University of Utah. While others like to pay homage to the past. The University of Florida, who owns their projectors, requested that we recreate National Championship trophies for their gymnastics team. Others, like Duke Basketball have asked for full court championship banners.


This unique graphic representation wouldn’t be possible without our partnership with Quince Imaging. The Sterling, VA, based company works with over 100 different clients to create memorable experiences. Their resume includes the Cleveland Cavaliers, the 2018 NCAA FInal Four, the 2018 MLB Home Run Derby, and the Minnesota Vikings halftime show that included a tribute to Prince.


This is well-liked, shareable content for partners. The projections not only provide an entertaining experience, but are used as a recruiting advantage as well. Furthermore, corporate sponsors could easily be included and games could be designed to make these projections more interactive – check out this Cleveland Cavaliers’ Bud Light game of Pong.