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Bring Added Energy & Excitement To Your Arena Through 3-D Projection Videos

Even though we are still weeks away from hearing Jim Nantz cue up “One Shining Moment” for what will be One Final Time (cue also, “Kleenex”), it’s not too early to begin planning for the 2023-24 basketball season.

Just ask your Head Coach.

Among the many areas in which Old Hat is ready to support you is through the production of eye-catching, pulse-quickening, cool-as-all-get-out 3-D projection videos. Guaranteed to elicit a collective “how in the heck did they do that” from your fans, these on-court videos can be used for pregame player introductions, halftime promotions involving your sponsors, special recognition events such as Senior Night or Midnight Madness, and much more.

We’ve been producing these for about 10 years now and, at the risk of puffing out our chest, we’re pretty handy at it.

Here’s a look at the piece we produced this season for the University of Houston men’s basketball team – currently ranked #1 in the nation:

We’ve also produced these for programs such as North Carolina State, Florida, Duke and Utah. And, we’ve done so across men’s basketball, women’s basketball, volleyball, gymnastics and other sports.

With the right in-arena projection system (we can provide you with guidance here, too), we can turn your basketball court, ice hockey rink, gymnastics floor, wrestling mat or any other competitive surface into a 3-D canvas that is super-charged with great video and perfect for reinforcing your brand through visual storytelling.

From start to finish, the development process takes about six weeks. You are the Creative Director and we begin with a Discovery Workshop to understand what story you want to tell, review the assets you have available (video, photography) and explore how best to bring that story to life in a high-energy, 3-D format. The canvas is as big as the playing surface and we are limited only by our collective imagination and energy.

The process is fun, your Head Coach and fans will be thrilled AND you get to work with Robert Smith from our team – another bonus!

The April through July timeframe is an ideal window to go work on these, as we all have a bit more time to stretch our creative muscle before the pressure and pace of Fall Sports overtakes.

If you are interested and would like to learn more about how to bring an added level of energy and excitement to your arena through 3-D projection videos, please contact Robert Smith at

We can’t guarantee your team will end up ranked #1 in the nation, but it sure can’t hurt.

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