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Old Hat Creative Celebrates The Beginning Of Its 20th Season

Like an idealistic youngster who set out to conquer the world, fueling those big dreams

with a healthy dose of hard work, ambition, moments of good fortune and a

steady supply of Diet Dr. Pepper, Old Hat Creative is all grown up.

You see, today — February 16, 2023 — marks the beginning of Old Hat’s 20th Season of

continuous operation.

Old Hat is old enough to drive, vote and get called for jury duty.

Old Hat is humble enough to know that without the best Client-Partners in the world,

none of this would have ever been possible.

And, Old Hat is young enough to know this incredible journey is only just beginning, with

the best still yet to come.

When Old Hat Founder Zac Logsdon first hung out his shingle in 2004, he was fortunate

to land as his first client one of the most recognizable brands in all of intercollegiate

athletics: the University of Michigan. Logsdon was asked to design a membership

recognition piece for the UM Victors Club, and from there Old Hat was off and running.

The Inaugural Season for Old Hat saw Syracuse University, the University of North

Carolina, Florida State University and the University of Oklahoma join the University of

Michigan as Charter Members of the Old Hat Client Family.

“When you start in Season One with respected institutions and powerful brands such as

those as your first clients, it’s hard to mess it up,” Logsdon joked. “That said, fate

definitely smiled on us and we are forever grateful to the decision-makers at those

schools who trusted an unknown entity in 2004 and allowed us to produce work for


Since then, Old Hat has worked with more than 200 teams, leagues and institutions

across intercollegiate, professional, Olympic and international sport. What began with

the delivery of high-impact graphic design and brand development services has

expanded to now include the development of strategies to increase revenue

generation, sales and marketing capabilities, fan engagement programs and

enhancements to the gameday experience; as well as video production, in-game

graphics and digital / social media content — all underpinned by brand activation.

“If it contributes to the success and visibility of a sports program and can be produced

— either in print, video, audio or emerging forms of media — we’ve probably done it,”

added Logsdon.

The inspiration for Old Hat is reflective of the American spirit of entrepreneurism.

Logsdon was working as a member of the in-house creative team at the University of

Oklahoma and, after several years, was motivated to take a chance and start his own

business in Norman, Okla.

“I also wanted to produce graphic design work in more than just two colors … not that

there is anything wrong with Crimson and Cream,” Logsdon quipped.

He launched Old Hat at a time when “most people thought branding involved a hot

piece of iron and an unwilling cow,” said Logsdon, who grew up on a farm in rural

Oklahoma. “Now, brand development has become a science and a significant

contributor to the overall success of a sports team or league.”

In Season Two of Old Hat, Logsdon welcomed Robert Smith to the starting lineup, and

18 years later, Smith serves as Chief Operations Officer.

“Robert has been my partner, advisor and great friend through this journey and, as with

our Client-Partners, I couldn’t be more appreciative.”

As to what the future holds, Logsdon points to the seismic changes taking place in the

sports and media industries and knows this is no time to stand still.

“We will continue to innovate and look for ways to utilize emerging technologies and

creativity to drive revenue growth for our partners. There has never been a more

dynamic, or challenging, time for the sports industry, and we are proud to be in the


“As we begin Season #20, we want to thank everyone who has trusted us to steward

their brand and deliver work for them. Our clients and the athletes and fans they serve

are the reason we bust through that door every morning, and we will continue to do so.

Thank you!”

To celebrate our 20th Season, Old Hat will be paying tribute to our Client-Partners and staff during the next 12 months and highlighting samples of our work across our digital / social media platforms

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