Old Hat Tips n' Tricks - 2019 Book Recommendations

Welcome to Old Hat’s TnT, also known as “Tips n’ Tricks”. TnT is (ahem) an explosive list of suggestions and ideas shared by some of our colleagues in the sports industry on a variety of topics.

For our initial TnT, we asked our friends for one book they’d recommend to others. It didn’t have to be a sports-minded book, just a book they found interesting. The list contains a little of bit of everything so we hope you’ll find something on it to add to your own list.

We were hoping to share the book report that Clemson’s Graham Neff (likely) had to prepare for his recommended book, but he hasn’t turned it in yet (the dog ate it, he said).

Megan Caligiuri Assoc. AD, Content Creation / Fan Engagement UNLV Athletics


"Delivering Happiness” by Tony Hsieh

“It exemplifies how company culture can shape the whole company. Tony Hsieh talks about the birth and growth of Zappos and how their core competencies made them a one of a kind company. It opens a path for a completely revised way of thinking about running a business and delivering the best possible customer service. Applicable to athletics, continued success must be predicated on innovation, service (student-athletes, fans, students, community, and staff), belief in your why, and alignment with core values.”

Katie Cavender

Asst. Dir of Communications

College Football Playoff


“Grit” by Angela Duckworth

This book hit home for me in several ways. Having grown up in a small town in rural Nevada where my grandparents ranched cattle, the word “grit” has always been ingrained in my vernacular. Our family values effort and attitude, perseverance and passion, so Duckworth’s theme that success has just as much to do with the characteristics of grit as it does will skill and intellect resounded in both my professional and personal life. So much can be accomplished if you are willing to endure, and in her anecdotes, Duckworth was able to drive home how crucial it is to “stick with it” when it comes to matters that have meaning and bring you joy and purpose.

Trip Durham

CEO/Founder, 2D Consulting