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The Raise Up Carolina ticket sales website consisted of research, brand strategy, website development and marketing automation that resulted in a first-time-ever sellout of premium seating and more than $500,000 in new season ticket revenue in its first season.


Old Hat worked with the University of North Carolina to create a campaign to improve tickets sales for Tar Heel football. Rather than a simple promotional campaign, we worked to combine multiple digital assets with an overarching on campus campaign to help generate interest in both traditional and non-traditional seat inventory.


Not all football teams are made equal and as we have all know, there are losers at every game. UNC needed to increase ticket sales regardless of the results of the season and needed to do so in a way that stayed true to the Tar Heel brand. This required delivering content across multiple channels and making sure to deliver actionable information to the ticket sales team at UNC.


Old Hat served in a couple different roles on this project. We developed the overall campaign, built the website, and managed the marketing automation campaigns. We also used lead scoring to narrow down the ticket buyer list and delivered actionable results to the UNC team. Old Hat also worked to develop and design the Raise Up Carolina brand and marks.



It started with an onsite discovery to figure out the basic needs and collect some data. This process involves reviewing current ticket holders, census data from the area, and gathering as much information as possible. Old Hat then worked through the information with UNC to make sure we are on the right path. The next step was to develop audience personas so we could identify the right people for UNC to target. From there we staged a photo/video shoot on campus to get content to use in the marketing materials. Once we had the based data and content we needed, we went back to our team to produce the collateral. This process started with the development of the Raise Up Carolina brand and logos to be used. These pieces would be featured throughout the campaign.

The main piece of the puzzle was the Raise Up Carolina website. The site had detailed information on game day activities, ticket options, and how to buy tickets. It also included gameday information for fans and even student specific information. It was built to give the fans all of the information they needed to buy tickets and attend a game. It was also built to provide actionable data for the UNC ticket team.

The other main piece to the project was the marketing automation campaign Old Hat built and ran for UNC. With a list provided from UNC, we built a drip campaign that allowed fans to choose the content they were interested in seeing and have that delivered to them. It also allowed our team to use lead scoring to take a list of over 5000 people and narrow it down to 350 warm leads. The site and marketing automation system worked together to help deliver detailed data on who to target and what those people were specifically interested in learning.



  • Mezzanine Box (Premium Seating) sold out in 2nd year

  • Increased group sales for football and basketball

  • 3000+ more season ticket holders

  • Generated more than $500,000 in new ticket revenue

  • 42,198 sessions

  • 31,471 unique users

  • 94,945.5 minutes spent on the site

  • 88,127 pageviews
    *During the first 3 months of the site.


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