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Old Hat lives, breathes, sleeps, eats and dreams sports marketing. It’s what we do. And our winning record speaks for itself. So if you’re trying to drive attendance, increase engagement or take your program in a new direction, we can help.

We’re experts at helping athletic professionals achieve a more informed perspective on their fans’ behavior and decision-making process. We take marketing plans from “let’s recycle last year’s” to solid, research-based strategies. We create logos, websites, videos and graphic elements that help you win.

Strategy Development “Winning more games” isn’t a real strategy. Let us show you what is.
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Web & Digital Whether it’s for desktop or mobile device, we can design and develop it.
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Videos & Animation It’s like Hollywood production, without all the celebrity drama.
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Branding & Logos Be the type of brand people want to tattoo on themselves.
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Graphic Design For everything you need to market your program.
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Strategy Development “Winning more games” isn’t a real strategy. Let us show you what is.

You wouldn’t send your team out on to the field without a game plan. Why treat your marketing efforts any differently?

After working with more than 150 sports organizations, we’ve seen what works and what doesn’t. We know that despite some common challenges, there’s no one size fits all solution to driving attendance, fundraising, or improving a program’s image.

It’s time to start approaching your marketing efforts the same way you approach each game and each season: with a solid understanding of how to win and a playbook that will help you get points on the board.

Sports180 Process

The Sports180° Process takes a proven, research-based approach to get to the heart of your unique position. We’ll help you understand your program’s strengths and opportunities, your fans’ behavior and decision-making process, and the plays that are most likely to work for you internal development, marketing and creative staff. At the end, you’ll have a refreshed brand identity and a strategic marketing plan that will help you meet your goals.

The Workshop & Research
The Workshop & Research

How we uncover insights

Phase 1:


The Findings & Recommendations
The Findings & Recommendations

How we diagnose & prescribe

Phase 2:



A Tangible Direction
A Tangible Direction

How we reach your fans,
alumni & donors

Phase 3:

Game Day




You can’t judge your opponents based only on what you think you know about them. Instead, you watch tape and scout them as much as possible to make informed decisions about your own strategy.

Here’s how Old Hat can help you do the same for your marketing.

  • Alumni surveys
  • Season ticket holder or former season ticket holder surveys
  • Community surveys
  • In-depth interviews of alumni or season ticket holders
  • Alumni/community focus groups
  • Gameday experience audits
  • Customer service audits
  • Data analytics
  • Census Data research
Web & Digital Whether it’s for desktop or mobile device, we can design and develop it.

Being a fan isn’t just about going to the game – it’s about keeping up with favorite teams, players and stats. If you want to sell more tickets, raise more money or gain more support for your program, you have to have a strong online presence.

Website Audit

Do you know how well your website is performing and what changes need to be made to optimize it? We do. Whether you’re trying to make the most of the site you currently have or need help figuring out what to do differently for your next website, we can help.

  • Site functionality review
  • Structure and content analysis
  • Interpretation of site analytics
  • User experience recommendations

Website Development

What’s the #1 place your fans go to buy tickets, your alumni go to connect, and your donors go for information? Your website. You can’t afford to have a site that is outdated or delivers a poor user experience. Old Hat designs award-winning websites that help you optimize your searchability, drive traffic, elevate your brand and stay compliant with ADA best practices.

  • Website audit and strategic recommendations
  • Content development (as needed)
  • Site design
  • Site development and programming
  • Content management system training
  • Site launch planning and execution

Social Media Strategy

Social media can be a powerful tool for promoting your program, but only if you use it the right way. When you have multiple people contributing to your social media presence, you risk losing brand consistency and diluting the power of your social media presence. We can help you set boundaries, establish goals and maximize the return on your social media efforts.

  • Audit of current social media engagement
  • Audience persona research and recommendations
  • Guidelines for channel selection and engagement
  • Development of brand voice and tone for social media
  • Creation of brand guide for social media
  • Analytics tracking and reporting

Marketing Automation

If accomplishing more with less effort sounds good to you, you’ve come to the right place. Marketing automation can help you deliver important information to season ticket holders, send updates to donors, expand your cross-sell between sports and improve ticket holder retention – all without increasing your staff or workload.

  • Strategic recommendations for marketing automation use
  • Development of campaign strategy
  • Onboarding and program implementation
  • Email design and development
  • Analytics tracking and reporting
Videos & Animation It’s like Hollywood production, without all the celebrity drama.

Amplify the sports experience and engage your fans with high-impact hype videos, on-court video projections, video board animations and crowd prompts, TV spots, online videos and more.

Whether you’re interested in tailoring our animated derby game to your program or having a full custom video shoot done on site at your location, our team is ready to tackle any challenge. We offer concept development, scripting, video shoots, custom animation and full production services.

  • Intro/hype videos
  • Player profile videos
  • Q&A videos
  • TV spots and online videos
  • Video board animations for fan engagement
  • Video board animations for sponsorship messages
  • Video board on-screen games
  • On-court projections
Branding & Logos Be the type of brand people want to tattoo on themselves.

Your logo is more than just a cool design. It’s a symbol that represents your entire brand – who you are, what you’re all about, and what type of experience your fans can expect. People put it on their clothes, their cars, even on their bodies as tattoos. It’s a sign of pride and a secret handshake. So it better be good.

We’ve created custom branding and logos for sports programs of all sizes, from local teams to professional athletic organizations. We get it right by taking the time to understand your needs, analyzing your market and your competitors, and involving you in the design process.

  • Campaign logos
  • Commemorative event logos
  • Organizational Rebrands
  • Logo updates and redesigns
  • Mascot logos
  • Fundraising marks
  • Venue/facility marks
  • Naming
  • Branding & style guides

If you’re looking for help with brand strategy and marketing plans, we do that too! Check out our strategy development services.

Graphic Design For everything you need to market your program.

Old Hat has more than a decade of experience developing award-winning designs for use across a variety of placements, tactics and media. You might know us best for our schedule posters or ticket designs, but there’s a lot more we can do for you.

We can create powerful designs for pretty much anything you can imagine, whether it’s on this list or not. Got a challenge for us? Bring it on!

  • Brochures
  • Digital ads
  • Environmental graphics
  • Illustrations
  • Key tags
  • Posters
  • Promotional items
  • Publications
  • Schedule cards
  • Tickets
  • Trading cards

Design Team Support

We know that the ultimate desire of every athletic department is to have their own in-house creative services department: graphic designers, video production specialists, social media coordinators, etc. We also know that doesn’t always make sense from a financial or HR perspective.

Old Hat can help. We offer staffing solutions to fulfill your creative services needs. You don’t have to face a situation where your creative work can’t get done – we’ve got you covered.

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