Charlotte's Inaugural Football Season


  • Brochures
  • Posters
  • Publications
  • Tickets
  • Event Logos
  • Venue/Facility Marks

Old Hat created a wide variety of marketing collateral for Charlotte's inaugural football season, creating consistent branding across multiple platforms. 

The first piece of the campaign was to create an inaugural season logo to commemorate the first season. We incorporated the Charlotte skyline in the design to reflect the impact the new football program would have on the city of Charlotte. 

We also used the skyline design as the background on a field level banner to showcase Charlotte's sponsors in the football stadium. 

In addition to the inaugural season logo, we also created the Jerry Richardson Stadium facility mark to showcase the new venue.

After designing the logos, Old Hat created a wide variety of traditional print pieces. We started with the football poster which featured a football player and the new stadium in a unique way.

We then used the poster design to create media guide covers,

inaugural season tickets,

and a general fan guide and student fan guide covers.