• Fanswers

Client: You! 

Product: Fanswers

Description: Users log in to a provided URL via smart phone and are prompted to enter their name and email address. When the game begins, questions will appear on the video board and answers will appear on the user's phone. The quicker users choose the correct answer, the more points they'll receive. After each question, a leaderboard will appear, allowing you to reward your top fans!

Additional Capabilities: Fanswers is a customizable trivia game. The overall theme will be your school's colors and sponsor integration can be included. You can add or change game questions as often as you'd like and choose how many questions you'd like to have with an easy-to-use content management system. 

Data Gathering: Since users have to provide their name and email address to play (additional field can be added), you are able to download the user information to use for more direct marketing.