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Following their 2016 National Championship run, Villanova tapped Old Hat to build The Finneran Pavilion capital campaign website to help inform fans, build excitement and raise $60 million for the renovation of one of the nation's most storied arenas.


Old Hat worked with Villanova on a website for the renovation of Finneran Pavilion. We worked with their team to create an interactive, one-stop shop for all the information Villanova fans need on the $60 million renovation project.


When projects like this are announced, there is always the fan reaction to be considered. Most fans are excited about the updates to a facility, but some do not want to see change. Being transparent with fans is a great way to help control the reaction, and having a website that serves as the source for updates, images, and plans is a great way to help keep your fans accurately informed.


Old Hat has worked with many athletics departments in this situation. Old Hat worked with Villanova to talk through the plan and what they needed in a website. Having been down this road with other universities, Old Hat was there to advise on potential pitfalls and help produce a resource for fans and officials alike.



Old Hat delivered an informative website that serves as the main source of information for the Finneran Pavilion renovation project. The site includes an overview section and frequently asked questions about the project. It details the rich history of the Pavilion and gives visitors an option to donate to the project. It also includes a way for fans to contact the team or stay informed with the latest updates on the site.



Although the purpose of the Finneran Pavilion site is to inform fans and the community about the renovation, it’s still important that we track analytics for the site. One way that we were able to easily provide real-time data to Villanova was by using Google Data Studio to monitor site traffic. Rather than pulling a weekly or monthly report for our client, we were able to provide a platform that delivers the information at any time. This is valuable information to have at your fingertips to gauge how certain information affects site traffic.

  • 64000 users have spent 140,000 minutes on the site

  • 180,000 pageviews

  • Average of 118 unique users on the site per day


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