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Transformative Fan Experiences: The Impact of Video Board Animations and In-Game Entertainment

In the realm of sports marketing, cultivating a strong fan base is more critical than ever. (So we’ve once again turned to ChatGPT to help us efficiently express what we already know, but don’t necessarily have time to type.) Teams are continually seeking innovative ways to captivate audiences and create lasting connections. Two key elements have emerged as game-changers: video board animations and in-game entertainment. In this article, we explore the profound impact these components have on fan engagement and the overall sports experience. (So far so good!)

In an era marked by short attention spans, sports teams face the challenge of holding spectators' interest throughout an event. Research suggests that the average attention span of adults is around 8 seconds*, necessitating engaging strategies to maintain fan focus. (*

Video board animations serve as the visual heartbeat of sports venues, providing a captivating spectacle that resonates with fans (totally). Visual content is processed 60,000 times faster than text (*), making animations a potent tool for conveying information and sparking excitement. Studies reveal that sports enthusiasts are 64% more likely to remember content presented in a visual format (**), showcasing the enduring impact of well-crafted video board animations. (*,**Google these.)


From halftime shows that rival major productions to interactive fan experiences that invite participation, in-game entertainment contributes to the creation of a vibrant and immersive atmosphere. Here at Old Hat, we provide animated video board options to keep fans hooked while also allowing for sponsorship opportunities. Sports teams that invest in diverse and captivating entertainment witness an average increase of 20% across fan engagement metrics (*), fostering a sense of community and loyalty among spectators. (*No need to even Google this. It’s just common sense.)

As a leader in sports marketing, we understand the pivotal role of fan engagement in the success of sports teams. Our approach to video board animations and in-game entertainment is rooted in a commitment to delivering experiences that resonate deeply with fans - benefitting both the audience and the team. (But also rooted in animation-is-cool.) 

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